New Releases & S/mileage is Official-ish

Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess

That’s right, Morning Musume are to release their 41st single Kimagure Princess on October 21st. With the strong success of Nanchatte Renai, let’s hope this doesn’t disappoint! The Single V will be released a week later on October 28th. Kimagure Princess translates to Whimsical Princess.

HANGRY & ANGRY – Sadistic Dance Album

This of course isn’t Hello! Project but my blog isn’t limited to just that. HANGRY & ANGRY’s most recent release was a digital single of the name Sadistic Dance. But recent news confirms that Sadistic Dance will turn into a full album! So far, this is the tracklisting:

1. Sadistic Dance
2. Shake Me
3. Lady Madonna
4. No Future
5. Kill Me Kiss Me (2009 Ver)
6. Angelia (2009 Ver)
7. GIZA GIZA (2009 Ver)
8. ??
9. ??
10. ??

So I was kind of confused when I saw the “2009 version” on those three tracks–I mean those songs were only released..a year ago? My mind says that those are most likely remixes. And HANGRY & ANGRY never cease to amaze me, so I have high expectations for this!

S/mileage – Asu ha Deeto na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ni Kikitai

Yezzir. S/mileage will be releasing their second indies single Asu ha Deeto na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ni Kikitai. It is scheduled to be released on September 9th–pretty fast in Hello! Project terms. Hopefully the video won’t be a totally drag? The title translates to Even Though We Have a Date Tomorrow, I Want to Hear Your Voice Right Now; really pretty title I might add, I wanna say it to someone…(Chinen Yuuri perhaps? Hm? ;] )

Going on to my “S/mileage is Official-ish” remark, I just wanted to through in a quick few things. Turns out, back in April Ayaka Wada, Yuuka Maeda, & Kanon Fukuda left Shugo Chara Egg! altogether to join S/mileage(Now I didn’t know this at all, which is also one reason why I wanted to share it). As those three members left, they left Akari Saho in the dust. But the swifty Tsunku added two new members to the group: Irori Maeda & Mizuki Fukumura. The last member will be determined by a audition open to any unsigned school girl. Once this is over, Shugo Chara Egg! will return to host new segments built around the Shugo Chara!!! Dokki Dokki anime as well as singing the theme song.
This is why I said S/mileage is official-ish, it’s not just another one-shot.

As for my new Top! Series post, I will put it up tomorrow! Thanks and till then, ~Kio.


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