Top! Series : Worst Hello! Project Singers [Part I]

Here is the new weekly series I was talking about a few days ago. I did one of these a while back and I’ve been thinking up a few. I’ll update a new one each start of the week(either Sunday or Monday; depending on my personal plans). For the start of the series I’m going to point out the worst of the worst. The Worst Hello! Project singers…of all time. Here we go~!

10. Airi Suzuki
I seriously have no clue why people think she has ‘an incredible voice’. I think it sounds so strained and gross. It just seems so fake to me. The only time–I will admit–where she sount the least bit good was in FIRST KISS. But, come on; that was 6 years ago when she was 9. Psh.

09. Maimi Yajima
Why is there always a AiriMaimi show? I’ll never know. Both of them have terrible voices and just get worse. Maimi’s voice is just deep and always off-key. It just makes me sad that she can get that much attention, with no vocal skill at all. Makes me wonder about the other girls that auditioned for H!P kids.

08. Saki Shimizu
Argh. I really didn’t want to put another Captain/Leader on here–especially Berryz’. I want to say Saki is improving, but I don’t think she is. Her voice has gotten alot more huskier with her age. Although, I do think that she tries her very best to stabilize her voice. But for right now, she is number 8 on the worst list.

07. Saki Nakajima
NakaSakiiiii!!! Even though she is one of the prettiest girls in C-ute…she can’t really sing. She sounds off-pitch alot and unstable. I love Saki N alot, but she’s still number 7.

06. Risako Sugaya
Risako is my favorite Berry, Kid, and H!Per of all time. She got me interested in Berryz and Hello! Pro. But I don’t feel bad saying this. She’s a bad singer. I can’t really say she’s an awful singer or a disgrace because she sounds really kind of…good in some songs. I thought she was really amazing in her solo for 5(FIVE), so I think it’s just the key of the songs. But it’s still not an excuse and she should learn how to stabilize her voice.

05. Mai Hagiwara
Whoever thinks this chick has a good voice ‘for her age’, seriously has hearing problems. It’s like nails screeching on a chalkboard, like cats screaming when their talks are stepped on…the list could go on and on. I can’t stand when she gets lines because she is just so terrible. UGH GO AWAY.

04. Rika Ishikawa
I know this seems sort of random since she’s the only graduated one on the list but, seriously. She’s bad. I think I only liked her for like a week…and then hated her. Bleh her voice only fits those crazy upbeat songs…and not even. It’s just so weird and off with a touch of cuteness. But it seriously does not make up for the BLECHNESS.

03. Aika Mitsui
NO. JUST NO. She’s cute. She’s pretty. She’s hot sometimes. But JUST NO. Her singing is pure awfulness. The first time I really noticed her was the Sexy 8 Beat concert and …. omg. Like. WTF. I thought I just saw a vulture eat a wolf. Like that was disgusting and terrible. She just can’t sing. Where the fuck did Tsunku get her from!?!

02. Sayumi Michishige
Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut? Who saw this coming? UM EVERYONE. Who the fuck thinks this girl can sing? Seriously, tell me right the fuck now. She sounds like a train wreck. She’s always off-pitch, off-key, and JUST ALL AROUND TERRIBLE. WUT DA FACK. HOW DA FACK IS DIS CHICK 6TH GENERATION!??!?!?!?!?

01. Koharu Kusumi
Ten times worse than nails on a chalkboard…fifteen times worse than screeching cats…twenty times worse than a vulture eating a wolf…and fifty times worse than a train wreck. HOW THE FUCK DID SHE GET A SOLO CAREER FOR 3 YEARS!? No. No NO NO NONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Koharu Kusumi is worse than ANY singer EVER in the whole damn world. She is way too god damn happy and off-pitch. She can never just shut the hell up. And OMFG I HATE HER! JUST LIKE SHUUUUUUUUUT THHHEEEEEE FUUUUUUCCCK UUUUP!!!!

Haha, hope you enjoyed my little rant. Hehe. I put some time into this. Watch out for next week’s Top!. Bye bye!!…bye!! =]


17 thoughts on “Top! Series : Worst Hello! Project Singers [Part I]

  1. Hahahahaha, lolwut, Rika is (so far) the only not random there since H!P still exists, this is potentially for all time.

    Second is that I don’t see (or hear) any squeaking anywhere in this post (epic LOL). And that is since I assume you’d be placing Reina (or some C-ute member) above Airi, yes?

  2. Why did you hate them? they’re cute and pretty musume (girl).. you might will be hate by morning musume fans if they saw this,
    really! please take care of your attitude..i’m from morning musume fans want to warning you,softly…

    • I do believe this is my blog. A blog is somewhere to express your feelings on something or someone or whatever you’d like. I don’t think I ever said they were ugly, or not cute, which ever Morning Musume member you’re talking about. I was simply talking about how bad their singing ability is.

      I don’t really care if I’m hated by someone or not; I love Morning Musume regardless. It’s my opinion and you don’t have to read it.

  3. Hello! This is my first time visiting your blog.. Lol, this post attracted me to your blog (I think you’re the first person to ever make a post like this)!! XD

    While I’m not surprised to see Sayu or Koha in your ranking.. I am surprised to see Airi in your ranking.. since… well… everyone thinks she’s a great singer… I just found it SHOCKING (pun intended).. XD

    I personally think the CURRENT worst singers from Hello!Project are:
    1. Chinami Tokunaga – LOL. She sounds fine in Berryz’s concerts (maybe because of playback?), but in her solo events, she doesn’t sound too good, her singing can be so flat, and pitchy sometimes.. and her range… It’s so narrow… She sounds the same on everything she sings… No variety.. (Her voice is still cute though) xD
    2. Saki Nakajima – She’s improved a lot recently (Her Aishiterux2 & Hare Ame Nochi Suki was lovely), but I still think she’s one of the worst singers.. :P
    3. Sayumi Michishige – Hahaha… This isn’t shocking, is it??… So, I guess there’s no need to explain.. XD
    4. Ayaka Wada – The weakest vocal in S/mileage… You know, I actually don’t think she’s all that bad.. She does have her moments… sometimes….. rarely… XD
    5. Aika Mitsui – I haven’t heard much from her (since I’m not much of a fan of hers or MM’s), but from what I have heard, I’d definitely say she deserves to be in the worst H!P singers list… Aika generally just sounds very strained to me when she sings… Especially when she tries too sing higher… xD
    6. Maasa Sudou – I don’t understand how some fans can think she is one of the best singers in Berryz, I think she is one of the absolute worst (-SHOT-).. Maasa is out of tune a lot, and she can’t seem to stretch notes too well…. I just don’t get what makes them think she is one of the best.. XD

    I generally think most of the H!P members (besides the ones I listed above) are ok or decent singers though, so I only listed 6 as the worst for me… XD

    I hope you make a Worst H!P singers part 2 post!! They’re interesting to read! :D

    • I totallyyyy agree with your comment xD!

      Airi is…meh. I never understood why everyone is like, “OMG, AIRI IS LIKE THE BEST SINGER EVER AHHH!” >___<

      And I agree with your list, too. Chinami is very weak, therefore she has very bad pitches. NakaSaki has a high-pitched voice so her pitches tend to be off. Sayumi is just plain EW. Ayaka is pretty weak even though she's my favorite Sumaireji. Aika's voice is badddd. Maasa, to me, isn't that bad, but she's definitely not that good. Her voice is pretty low so it prevents her from hitting notes right.

      Hm, maybe I well do a second one! :D Thanks for your visit~ Hope you come again! ^-^

  4. Airi: :P i don’t see why you don’t like airi. i think she’s great. but you’re entitled to your opinion so ok :P
    Maimi: i kinda see what you mean here…she has the most nasal voice and is often off but she does have energy!
    Saki: well she doesn’t get many lines so i don’t really know :P
    Nakky: eh she has a nasal voice too but she’s improving a bit!
    Risako: she has a nice voice but she’s really off live sometimes
    Mai: you should see her now. she’s a lot better now since she’s out of her awkward stage XD she still has a pretty thin voice tho
    Rika: yeah she has kinda a cute voice and sexy image which doesn’t really fit together?
    Aika: eh i don’t like Aika either
    Sayumi: eh i guess she’s OK at sometimes but she’s often off
    Koharu: :P i agree on you with this one. she has a nice voice but can’t sing for bagels. always has to lipsync during concerts. XP at least the 9 above her can ACTUALLY sing live. she is quite pretty though.

  5. the worst singer for me in h!p are suzuki airi,hagiwara mai,yajima maimi,kusumi koharu,michishige sayumi,sudou maasa,mano erina.

    that’s the thing about tsunku,he picks the pretty girls and not the pretty voice n i 1000000% agree with you about maimi n airi.both of them cant sing!
    airi’s voice is so plain BORING!
    too darn plain,terrible and lifeless
    and maimi??really,her singing,my granpa could sing better then her,really.she cant sing and like i said tsunku only picks on the pretty one.
    and sayu,she’s cute,funny i like her,she can be an actress or a model if she like but not a singer…i mean really,people say she cant sing then WHY THE HELL IS SHE A SINGER?!she admit it herself that she cnt sing then stop singing coz it’s pointless and do something better in life,airi n maimi too.i mean all c-ute cant sing except chisato.tsunku is just so stupid i guess.

  6. Who the hell are you?
    You dare to insult Kusumi Koharu-sama!?
    This is the worstest blog I saw……Noisy Bitch what you are
    Go to hell within your worst blog

    • Oh, me? The name’s Dyamond. Insult Kusumi Koharu-sama? I don’t really know who that is. I know Koharu Kusumi, the rank one in this list. I didn’t insult her, per say, just her awful voice. Noisy bitch? Worstest? Ouch. Either you’re about 8 years old or English isn’t your first language.

  7. I’m so happy that I’m not the only one girl in the world that think that Sayumi can’t sing. Really why did she pass, she can’t sing and she’s not so cute, she can’t dance. She have not talents, and no beauty

    • Yeah, Sayumi was basically a member that was added just for her looks. *shrug* I do think she is pretty and she is model-material. Just not idol-material. She lacks substance, imo.

      • hello..i know sayumi cant sing..Tsunku also noted her that her voice is not that good when she enter MM..thats why she do some vocal training/lesson. But above all this, she already admitted that she cant sing well and stop all the training/lesson. Also Sayumi was added/qualify to enter MM not just by her look but because Tsunku said her dance is good. Just my opinion..Pls dont be mad at me..I’m just a new fan of Morning Musume and thats what I read in another website :D

  8. Your a bitch why not stop listening to them? That would be smart your probably just hating no one told you to hear them for someone with no life your quick to judge someone else about their career so yeah you sound way awful and for some body to judge another about a certain ability they have to be good at it too so why not let us hear you sing if not shut the fuck up and keep that ugly ass attitude to yourself you making a blog for anyone to see so there for i can say whatever about the bullshit coming out your mouth and speaking of looks it must be easy to download some photo you found

    • You’re pretty quick to judge, too lol. Relax, this is so old. I don’t even feel this way about most of them anymore. Jeez. And no, hun, that picture is of me lol.

  9. I totally agree with Maimi. I don’t know why she gets so many lines u_u she’s definitely no Koharu, but I’d rather hear someone with a voice like Chisato get her lines

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