Two Eggs to Graduate & SI☆NA turns trio

First off, two eggs will be graduating from Hello! Pro Egg. They’re not actual Hello! Project members so it’s not really bad. Plus, they’re going to be doing something rather productive, so I support them.

Above is Arisa Noto–she will graduate from Hello! Project on September 23rd but stay a member of Ongaku Gatas. Her main goal for doing this is to join Up Front Egg; which is for girls aiming to be actors and/or talents.

Yuri Sawada is another Ongaku Gata. She will be graduating from both Hello! Project and Ongaku Gatas, unlike Arisa. Her last activity will be at the Akasaka Red Theatre at the end of this month. Yuri’s plans are to focus her attention on a university–which is great because she is 17.

Our last piece of news is SI☆NA’s new lineup. If you haven’t heard of SI☆NA, then maybe you’ve heard of Hello! Project Kansai. They were formed as H!P Kansai in 2005 and in 2008 they changed their name to SI☆NA. Originally, there were 4 members: Menami Iwashima, Asami Abe, Nana Nakayama, & Ai Suma. Just recently, Nana Nakayama decided to graduate from the group. Whatever the reason, I don’t know.


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