Kanna Graduates & Erika to Graduate

Ahh, sorry about late post. My internet has been down for 2 weeks @_@

Anyway, onto the topic of this post.


Kanna Arihara

Erika Umeda

Kanna Arihara was diagnosed with a foot problem, bunions to be more exact, earlier this year. She recieved surgery and medical treatment…supposedly. Recovering from surgery usually takes six to eight week; even though it’s been well over 4 months. Right when fans were beginning to get suspicious, UFA hit us with this: Kanna Arihara leaves Hello! Project. I was completely crushed. Kanna was one of my favorite C-uties and I never wanted her to go so unexpectedly like this! I don’t think anyone expected this…


No one knows the exact reason Kanna left but there are some rumors. One being that she was still with her alleged ‘boyfriend’, Ryosuke Hashimoto; being that mysterious ‘photos’ surfaced only to UFA. Another rumor is that scandalous photos including Kanna were ‘released’ only to UFA and would put them in a bad position if they were to ‘officially released’. Personally, I don’t know which is true or if even either of them are true. All I know is that my Kanna is gone and C-ute will not be the same…


Erika’s graduation was even more unexpected than Kanna’s announcement. Erika being my very favorite C-utie, I am so upset. It’s hard for me to even write this… I loved her fom the very beginning. I was disappointed when they never gave her any solo lines on the major C-ute singles. But then I was so excited when she got a solo song on the 3rd album; it made me remember why I loved her in the very first place. Her voice, her smile…just her very presence!  I love Ume-san so much.

C-ute - 7nin

Erika will be leaving to study modeling which is rather good and Kanna leaves with the reason “to concentrate on studies”. After this, C-ute will be left with 5 members, who will be next? I wish best of luck to both of them.

(Please let it be Airi! Please let it be Airi!!)


One thought on “Kanna Graduates & Erika to Graduate

  1. I bet another reason they are leaving is because they didn’t get another parts in the group really.

    Umeda Erika is doing something but Arihana Kanna I feel sorry for because most of her smiles are fake like she wasn’t happy.

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