New Releases & S/mileage is Official-ish

Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess

That’s right, Morning Musume are to release their 41st single Kimagure Princess on October 21st. With the strong success of Nanchatte Renai, let’s hope this doesn’t disappoint! The Single V will be released a week later on October 28th. Kimagure Princess translates to Whimsical Princess.

HANGRY & ANGRY – Sadistic Dance Album

This of course isn’t Hello! Project but my blog isn’t limited to just that. HANGRY & ANGRY’s most recent release was a digital single of the name Sadistic Dance. But recent news confirms that Sadistic Dance will turn into a full album! So far, this is the tracklisting:

1. Sadistic Dance
2. Shake Me
3. Lady Madonna
4. No Future
5. Kill Me Kiss Me (2009 Ver)
6. Angelia (2009 Ver)
7. GIZA GIZA (2009 Ver)
8. ??
9. ??
10. ??

So I was kind of confused when I saw the “2009 version” on those three tracks–I mean those songs were only released..a year ago? My mind says that those are most likely remixes. And HANGRY & ANGRY never cease to amaze me, so I have high expectations for this!

S/mileage – Asu ha Deeto na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ni Kikitai

Yezzir. S/mileage will be releasing their second indies single Asu ha Deeto na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ni Kikitai. It is scheduled to be released on September 9th–pretty fast in Hello! Project terms. Hopefully the video won’t be a totally drag? The title translates to Even Though We Have a Date Tomorrow, I Want to Hear Your Voice Right Now; really pretty title I might add, I wanna say it to someone…(Chinen Yuuri perhaps? Hm? ;] )

Going on to my “S/mileage is Official-ish” remark, I just wanted to through in a quick few things. Turns out, back in April Ayaka Wada, Yuuka Maeda, & Kanon Fukuda left Shugo Chara Egg! altogether to join S/mileage(Now I didn’t know this at all, which is also one reason why I wanted to share it). As those three members left, they left Akari Saho in the dust. But the swifty Tsunku added two new members to the group: Irori Maeda & Mizuki Fukumura. The last member will be determined by a audition open to any unsigned school girl. Once this is over, Shugo Chara Egg! will return to host new segments built around the Shugo Chara!!! Dokki Dokki anime as well as singing the theme song.
This is why I said S/mileage is official-ish, it’s not just another one-shot.

As for my new Top! Series post, I will put it up tomorrow! Thanks and till then, ~Kio.

Sayaka Ichii returns and Two new PVs

So you know Sayaka Ichii right? The cute girl who was in second generation Morning Musume and Pucchimoni? Well remember when she left in 2000? She’s baaaaack!! Not exactly back in Morning Musume or Hello! Project, but she’s back in the entertainment business.

If any of you don’t know, Sayaka Ichii joined Morning Musume as a second generation member in 1998. Then in 1999 she released the single Chokotto Love with Kei Yasuda and Maki Goto in the new group Pucchimoni. But only 6 months later, she graduated or retired for Morning Musume and Hello! Project altogether. In 2001 she began working as a solo singer and in April 2002 she formed Ichii Sayaka in Cubic Cross with Taisei from Sharam-Q and guitarist Naoki Yoshizawa. The following year she married Yoshizawa and had her first child in 2004.

She looks seriously stunning.
On August 25th, she opened her public blog and had an interview with the magazine FLASH. On the 30th, she will appear on TV on Sunday Japon. September 5th, she will return as a model on Tokyo Girl Collection.

Definite good luck to Sayaka.

C-ute – Everyday Zekkouchou!
Last single of Erika Umeda

Erina Mano – Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo
4th major single of Erina Mano

Sorry, I’m not writing review on them right now. My iPod isn’t working so there is no way for me to watch them.
Till next time, bye~!

Morning Musume – Platinum 9 DISC Review

Okay! This may have been a few months ago, but I still want to review it =] Here we go!

Whoa. Like…whoa. Is this even Morning Musume? Are you sure? I think this is too good to be MM. Seriously, this song rocks my socks. It is awesome and kick-ass in every way possible. I especially love how almost everyone gets a solo. The only ones I didn’t hear were Koharu & Aika. Um…YES!?!? Tsunku finally came to his senses and gave the boot to two of the worst singers in MM ever!? LMAO. Overall, this is one of the best songs of MoMusu EVAR.

02. Resonant Blue
I’ve expressed my love for this song before. And it is definitely THE BEST Morning Musume song of all time. No lie.

03. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai darou?
The title’s to damn long >_> . Well anyway, I heard the song when it was first leaked by one of the Ice Creamusume members. I thought it was nice then and I still think it’s nice now. Although I thought people hyped it a bit too much, I still think it’s pretty.

04. Take off is now! [Ai Takahashi, Reina Tanaka, Risa Niigaki]
Omigosh it’s the ultimate MM team(yeah even with Takahashi)! Um. The song. Is like. Hm… AWESOME!! Tsunku a his producers are finally making tasteful music. This song is so fun! You can definitely dance to this. Love it.

05. Naichau Kamo
Meh. I never really liked the song. It was two miserable singles in a row(Pepper & Naichau Kamo). Didn’t like it then, not like it being on an album is gonna change it now.

06. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito [Aika Mitsui]
W.T.F. Guess I was wrong >_> *points at SONGS* Wow. Honestly, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND thinks Aika is a good singer??? She’s so annoying xDD She’s not as bad as Koharu and I’d prefer her over Erina. So, two pluses; but that’s about it. xD;; As for the song, it’s alright. LOL.

07. Guruguru JUMP
Guruguru…PEACE!(sorry, got it from Koharu x.x) So…a terrible singer, an okay singer, and an awesome singer…wonder if you can guess who they are? Omg. Hating it for only the first 4 seconds. Omgomg kill me. *shuts it off after the first minute and a half* Don’t make me listen…anymore!!! *shivers*

08. Mikan
Hate it. STFU. Next.

09. Jounetsu no Kisu wo Hitotsu [Ai Takahashi, Reina Tanaka, Risa Niigaki]
Wooo! Another ultimate match up. Love this. The Ultimates do it again. Although Reina sounds a little strained here. Oh well who cares, the song is great. Pretty, sexy, and beautiful all at the same time.

10. It’s You [Sayumi Michishige]
So two bad singer solos in one album? Tsunku… The song itself is really cool. Just doesn’t fit Sayumi(nor does any other song). Ugh, she sounds so bad. Makes me wanna cry.

11. Onna ni Sachi Are
Lol. This was so long ago. I think I’ve sung this song so many times, I’m bored with it xD;;

12. Kataomoi no Owari ni [Eri Kamei]
WHAAAAAAAAAT??? That’s right, it’s Eririn. This is a perfect little ballad for Eri cuz she has the best mixture of cute and mature in her voice. Love this. Plus it’s Eri, dummy <3`

13. Kanashimi Twilight
Is this not the best album ender or what? I wouldn’t think they would put this since they have Miki & Yossy on here instead. But oh well. Let it rock your socks =D

Yay! All done. Hope you liked it. Look out for my next reviews including: 4akogare MY STAR & Champloo 1!! See ya!

Top! Series : Worst Hello! Project Singers [Part I]

Here is the new weekly series I was talking about a few days ago. I did one of these a while back and I’ve been thinking up a few. I’ll update a new one each start of the week(either Sunday or Monday; depending on my personal plans). For the start of the series I’m going to point out the worst of the worst. The Worst Hello! Project singers…of all time. Here we go~!

10. Airi Suzuki
I seriously have no clue why people think she has ‘an incredible voice’. I think it sounds so strained and gross. It just seems so fake to me. The only time–I will admit–where she sount the least bit good was in FIRST KISS. But, come on; that was 6 years ago when she was 9. Psh.

09. Maimi Yajima
Why is there always a AiriMaimi show? I’ll never know. Both of them have terrible voices and just get worse. Maimi’s voice is just deep and always off-key. It just makes me sad that she can get that much attention, with no vocal skill at all. Makes me wonder about the other girls that auditioned for H!P kids.

08. Saki Shimizu
Argh. I really didn’t want to put another Captain/Leader on here–especially Berryz’. I want to say Saki is improving, but I don’t think she is. Her voice has gotten alot more huskier with her age. Although, I do think that she tries her very best to stabilize her voice. But for right now, she is number 8 on the worst list.

07. Saki Nakajima
NakaSakiiiii!!! Even though she is one of the prettiest girls in C-ute…she can’t really sing. She sounds off-pitch alot and unstable. I love Saki N alot, but she’s still number 7.

06. Risako Sugaya
Risako is my favorite Berry, Kid, and H!Per of all time. She got me interested in Berryz and Hello! Pro. But I don’t feel bad saying this. She’s a bad singer. I can’t really say she’s an awful singer or a disgrace because she sounds really kind of…good in some songs. I thought she was really amazing in her solo for 5(FIVE), so I think it’s just the key of the songs. But it’s still not an excuse and she should learn how to stabilize her voice.

05. Mai Hagiwara
Whoever thinks this chick has a good voice ‘for her age’, seriously has hearing problems. It’s like nails screeching on a chalkboard, like cats screaming when their talks are stepped on…the list could go on and on. I can’t stand when she gets lines because she is just so terrible. UGH GO AWAY.

04. Rika Ishikawa
I know this seems sort of random since she’s the only graduated one on the list but, seriously. She’s bad. I think I only liked her for like a week…and then hated her. Bleh her voice only fits those crazy upbeat songs…and not even. It’s just so weird and off with a touch of cuteness. But it seriously does not make up for the BLECHNESS.

03. Aika Mitsui
NO. JUST NO. She’s cute. She’s pretty. She’s hot sometimes. But JUST NO. Her singing is pure awfulness. The first time I really noticed her was the Sexy 8 Beat concert and …. omg. Like. WTF. I thought I just saw a vulture eat a wolf. Like that was disgusting and terrible. She just can’t sing. Where the fuck did Tsunku get her from!?!

02. Sayumi Michishige
Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut? Who saw this coming? UM EVERYONE. Who the fuck thinks this girl can sing? Seriously, tell me right the fuck now. She sounds like a train wreck. She’s always off-pitch, off-key, and JUST ALL AROUND TERRIBLE. WUT DA FACK. HOW DA FACK IS DIS CHICK 6TH GENERATION!??!?!?!?!?

01. Koharu Kusumi
Ten times worse than nails on a chalkboard…fifteen times worse than screeching cats…twenty times worse than a vulture eating a wolf…and fifty times worse than a train wreck. HOW THE FUCK DID SHE GET A SOLO CAREER FOR 3 YEARS!? No. No NO NO NONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Koharu Kusumi is worse than ANY singer EVER in the whole damn world. She is way too god damn happy and off-pitch. She can never just shut the hell up. And OMFG I HATE HER! JUST LIKE SHUUUUUUUUUT THHHEEEEEE FUUUUUUCCCK UUUUP!!!!

Haha, hope you enjoyed my little rant. Hehe. I put some time into this. Watch out for next week’s Top!. Bye bye!!…bye!! =]

New Berryz Single! EDIT: New Info

21st single of Berryz Koubou will be named Ryuusei Boy / Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama. It has been scheduled to release October 28th, 2009. Can’t wait!!

EDIT: This will be another double a-side and the opening to the Inazuma Eleven 2 video game and anime.
Ryuusei Boy translates to Shooting Star Boy and Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama is My Future Husband.

Bunch of PVs [07/20-08/18]

Alright, here is a nice collection of PVs for the past month; mostly H!P. Here we go!!~

S/mileage – aMa no Jaku

Okay so, the PV starts out with one of them spelling out “S/mileage”. Apparently, it takes about 20 seconds to do this @_@. Anyway, then you goes on to them dancing and…playing cards. Or whatever the hell that is, those cards are huge O.o? Well, Yuuka starts off the singing with that adorable little voice we all love. Then the next one to sing is Wa–WHOA! IS THAT REALLY AYAKA WADA!?! How beautiful! She is totally glowing! And then she opens her mouth and this beautiful voice comes out! Bravo! Next egg to sing is…Kanon? I think so. She’s cute, but she looks young with her hair up. She could probably use some voice work too. Last is this girl that looks strangely like Chisato Okai o.o? Wait, her sister right? I forget her name and I’m too lazy to look it up; we’ll call her Chisa-sis for now. Okay so, the video continues with them dancing and taking pictures. Ha, now Kanon has her hair down, which makes her look alot older. As for the dance…it is just miserably lame xD. Well, they ARE eggs so easy does it? So it keeps on dragging along with them taking pictures and what now? Running for no reason! “Aaaahhhh! Kio’s gonna get us!! RUN!!!” Blah blah blah, now even weirder things go on including: shooting a ball into a basket for no reason, pretend drawing, drinking out of a weird-ass fountain, and what do we have here!? “We made it outside! Now we say goodbye to the Kio-monster!!” “RAWR!! I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME!!”
All in all, the video definitely was too long for it’s own good. But the group does blend well together and pretty okay vocals so, I’ll wait get ready for their next release.

Morning Musume – Nanchatte Renai

Morning Musume ain’t slackin’ this year, am I right? So the PV starts off with dancing and close-ups of the oh-so-hot members. First one I noticed was of course Niigaki. Her hair looks so awesome straightened. Then ugh, Takahashi starts off with her ‘try-to-be-sexy’ act. Then Koharu comes in and pops both my eardrums. Jeez, she can’t even pipe down for ONE song?? Then Reina does her solo with..Aika? Or is that just a background singer? Anyway, suddenly they bust out into rapping! Which reminds me of Do it! Now a little, in a good way of course. Pure awesomeness. Now we break out into the chorus with Takahashi making a pole smell her breasts and Reina who keeps grabbing her cheek xD Then a new shot comes in with the beauties in from of a black and white background. Michishige, JunJun, & Eri definitely stole the show in that shot. And if you pause at 2:03 you can see Takahashi’s big forehead that is almost the size of her mouth in Mikan =DDD All of a sudden after Takahashi sings, in comes Michishige. Even though she’s a terrible singer, I haven’t seen her the past few singles. And another change in the next chorus is Niigaki and Eririn get the center roles. Which is nice because I love them both to death; plus I haven’t really seen Eri around. Instrumental break is really nice too–except the dance, which was boring. Overall, the dance was pretty good(according to Japanese standards), line-distributing wasn’t a TakaReina show(except neither of the Pandas were shown), and the PV itself was pretty but also mysterious and dark. Lovely job MoMusu.

Buono! – Take it Easy!

Alrighty! Take it Easy! is another break from the usual pop/punk rock Buono! usually does(including Rottara Rottara). The PV starts off with the trio on a bus, obviously going on a little road trip. Momoko begins the singing, but she’s a little too strained and cute for my liking–and for the song. Everyone grabs a lollipop as Airi starts to sing. You all know I don’t like her so I impatiently wait for Miyabi to sing. Finally, my prayers are answered and Miyabin starts singing with that angelic voice. The girls then end up in a little town. As the chorus runs through, they reach their destination and get off the bus. Suddenly Momoko realizes she forgot her bag on the bus and starts running after it. It looks pretty damn impossible because those heels look dangerous, but fashionable none-the-less. She eventually gives up, as she sings in the background, and the other two just smile and pull her away. They walk through an alley which takes them up a hill where they can get a glimpse of the whole town. Then they make their way to a nearby beach in which the chorus plays again and Miyabi neatly writes ‘Buono!’ into the wet sand. Oh no…wet sand!! You’re gonna get your awesome shoes dirty!! NOOO!!! Send them to meeeee!!! The instrumental break comes in where they all have a little lunch and eat cabobs and fish. Also where Momoko sticks her cute pinky out. The video wraps up with them all playing a guitar and shouting out towards the sea. I really loved the video. Especially since I could actually describe it. It’s probably one of the best story-videos they’ve had since Honto no Jibun. I don’t care too much for the dance, it’s Buono! so I don’t expect much. In conclusion, I love the video and song.

I see a pattern with Guardians4. Same outfit, different color; same plot, different PV. OMIGOSH. Another fake toy thingy!! See what I mean? Last time it was a stadium, and this time it’s a maze(that reminds me way too much of Resident Evil 4 xD; I keep thinking as they’re running a mutant dog will attack xDDD). Well anyway, Aika starts off the singing with them just running around the maze. Ugh, she sounds awful I hate her voice so much Dx Next is Risako who sounds strangely good. I don’t know how to explain it, I think she has learned to control her voice. I haven’t heard her sing that well since…I don’t even know. Third is Saki who obviously doesn’t really have a good voice–but I can cope with it. Last is Yurina who everyone loves. Then they end up at a little table and they drink tea as the little anime mahooters are flying around them. Cool?…O.o As they’re singing the chorus a bunch of flashes to the anime pop up–which of course I don’t really care about xDD Then they’re back to running around the maze. Suddenly they’re in a little room drinking tea(again?) and it looks a little…Chinese? It keeps on going with them drinking it at a 5 minute speed @_@ Jesus, from 2:53 to 3:02 you can really see what a giant Yurina is. It wraps up with them eating cakes and making me hungry; also they find a little traditional Japanese room. Whatever they do, I don’t know. Overall, it was 50 billion times better than the last PV ROFL. Still very boring to watch. And the song is too poppy for my liking so…Guardians4 still isn’t very appealing to me at all, ha.

SWET BLACK feat. Maki Goto – TEARDROPS with KG

So I finally figured out WTF SWEET BLACK IS! Apparently it’s the name of her debut album under Avex. Why ever the hell her name is actually SWEET BLACK feat Maki Goto, I don’t know. Is she trying to sweeten up to Black people? I don’t know, but that’s low Maki. Lower than where your cha-chas are gonna fall. ANYWAY. It starts off with the normal whorish things. Wine, white couches, and sparkly things that hang from the ceiling(wut?). She ends her little solo verse and this other guy(whoops) starts singing. Kinda creepy singing but okay LMAO. This other chick is in his little story version. Very ugly girl o.o Big forhead, nasty nose. Omg, this video is scary so far! All of a sudden she rips down curtains and throws stuff on the ground. OMG HER UGLY-TO-BEAUTIFUL PILLS HAVE RUN OUT! NOW SHE’S PISSED CUZ THE GUY PROBABLY USED THEM!! Now Maki is still stiff on the couch but then, what’s this? She throws marbles on the floor and a wine glass turns to milk(Wtf you do now Maki?). Then on the guy’s turn: a tranny has a party, a girl eats a sandwhich, an another chick attacks the guy’s lap(not a good sign..). Finally, Maki gets off the couch and stands outside. Then the guy jumps out the window and turns into a cat. Ends with him licking his lips a Maki. Not sure what the moral of the video was here. Trannies throw wild parties? Ugly-to-beautiful pills never work? You should always eat a sandwhich with a plate? Whatever it was, it gave me a good laugh.

Haha! End! Sorry I am a few days late with posting. Personal problems. Soon to be posts:
Platinum 9 DISC Review, New Weekly Series, and whatever else comes to mind! Bye Bye for now!

Two Eggs to Graduate & SI☆NA turns trio

First off, two eggs will be graduating from Hello! Pro Egg. They’re not actual Hello! Project members so it’s not really bad. Plus, they’re going to be doing something rather productive, so I support them.

Above is Arisa Noto–she will graduate from Hello! Project on September 23rd but stay a member of Ongaku Gatas. Her main goal for doing this is to join Up Front Egg; which is for girls aiming to be actors and/or talents.

Yuri Sawada is another Ongaku Gata. She will be graduating from both Hello! Project and Ongaku Gatas, unlike Arisa. Her last activity will be at the Akasaka Red Theatre at the end of this month. Yuri’s plans are to focus her attention on a university–which is great because she is 17.

Our last piece of news is SI☆NA’s new lineup. If you haven’t heard of SI☆NA, then maybe you’ve heard of Hello! Project Kansai. They were formed as H!P Kansai in 2005 and in 2008 they changed their name to SI☆NA. Originally, there were 4 members: Menami Iwashima, Asami Abe, Nana Nakayama, & Ai Suma. Just recently, Nana Nakayama decided to graduate from the group. Whatever the reason, I don’t know.

Kanna Graduates & Erika to Graduate

Ahh, sorry about late post. My internet has been down for 2 weeks @_@

Anyway, onto the topic of this post.


Kanna Arihara

Erika Umeda

Kanna Arihara was diagnosed with a foot problem, bunions to be more exact, earlier this year. She recieved surgery and medical treatment…supposedly. Recovering from surgery usually takes six to eight week; even though it’s been well over 4 months. Right when fans were beginning to get suspicious, UFA hit us with this: Kanna Arihara leaves Hello! Project. I was completely crushed. Kanna was one of my favorite C-uties and I never wanted her to go so unexpectedly like this! I don’t think anyone expected this…


No one knows the exact reason Kanna left but there are some rumors. One being that she was still with her alleged ‘boyfriend’, Ryosuke Hashimoto; being that mysterious ‘photos’ surfaced only to UFA. Another rumor is that scandalous photos including Kanna were ‘released’ only to UFA and would put them in a bad position if they were to ‘officially released’. Personally, I don’t know which is true or if even either of them are true. All I know is that my Kanna is gone and C-ute will not be the same…


Erika’s graduation was even more unexpected than Kanna’s announcement. Erika being my very favorite C-utie, I am so upset. It’s hard for me to even write this… I loved her fom the very beginning. I was disappointed when they never gave her any solo lines on the major C-ute singles. But then I was so excited when she got a solo song on the 3rd album; it made me remember why I loved her in the very first place. Her voice, her smile…just her very presence!  I love Ume-san so much.

C-ute - 7nin

Erika will be leaving to study modeling which is rather good and Kanna leaves with the reason “to concentrate on studies”. After this, C-ute will be left with 5 members, who will be next? I wish best of luck to both of them.

(Please let it be Airi! Please let it be Airi!!)