I’m Baaaaack!!!

Yes, it is me, Kioku. Formerly known as Kiokiou; but since Kioku is the real way to pronounce my name, I’m changing to that. ^_^

So anyways if you don’t know, I’ve already had a blog before. First it was kiokiou.wordpress.com then it was closed because WordPress shut it down for downloading or whatever. Next was kiokiou.vox.com, and I decided to shut it down because school was starting and vox messed up my computer. Now I’m going back to wordpress because vox doesn’t work on my computer. I’m still trying to get used to the new layout on wordpress as well, lol.

Okay, so I will still write about important Hello! Project news and releases, reviews, and whatever else I feel has the importance.

Now, make sure you support Kio! ^__^ Buh-bye.